Big Little Things

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Sunday. I usually like spending my Sundays at home. Resting. Taking a break from the hectic everyday life. But this Sunday, I had plans. 

One of my old PG di’s who had moved to a flat six months ago was now shifting back to her hometown. I don’t know how long it is going to be, till I see her next. So naturally, we decided to go visit her place. Me and four of my other PG friends. I spent the whole day with them and with three cute little doggies; di has at her flat. It helped me feel, alittle less broken. The joy that I experienced in my heart today, that was priceless. 

After an hour long journey in the metro we finally reached her place at around two in the afternoon. We met her with a hug and she took us to her flat. We were welcomed by three barking dogs. I’ll be honest, their teeth were scary. They sniffed at us, barked, yipped and yapped around our feet, till they finally decided that we were harmless. Then di prepared a hearty meal for us (Home cooked food!) as we chattered on about how life was, when would she be leaving and why. 

Later we spent lots of time with those dogs. They were lazy af. All bitches. And I repeat, lazy af. They slept most of the time as we petted them and ran our fingers through their fur and massaged them and scratched their stomachs. Then we explored the market a bit. Street food! That’s what we really live for. And then another home cooked meal.. dinner. We came back home in a cab and after a shower (I smelled of dog, dog and dog!), I ended my sigh worthy day, with a cup of tea. 

That cup of tea has by now calmed me from head to toe. And I would stretch like a cat right now, if somebody would pet my back the way we petted those dogs. Content has sipped into every bone that I have. And this content, that is priceless.

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